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Wednesday Recipe Corner; Gyro Soup

Winters where I live are not necessarily cold- not like some of the Michigan and Illinois winters I’ve lived through (and that some of my friends and loved ones are currently enduring), but it does get chilly.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, does grey, overcast and foggy quite like Arkansas does in the winter- it makes most days perfect for staying in with your loved ones under a fuzzy blanket, watching creepy movies or ‘Coraline’ and having bowls of steaming soup with homemade bread on the side for dinner.

Mmmmmmm, soup.

I have always been a fan of soup even in the hottest months of the year- it’s simple to throw together and you can eat it for several days, plus, if it’s a clear broth soup it’s likely a fairly healthy meal option.

My hubs puts a ban on soup in the house from April until the first cold day of fall- no soup, no chili.


Don’t even ask.

So I have been slyly (OK not too slyly) trying to milk the cold days and make soup as often as possible without getting asked what our other meal options are.

I have been fairly successful and the Chef even made a huge batch of game chili a few weeks ago, enough to eat for a few days and also freeze for another time (which, to me, is a huge win, especially when it’s ladled over Nathan’s hot dogs and sprinkled with cheese).

But a girl can only eat so much chicken noodle or chili before we go on the hunt for something different, with a lot of flavor and that could preferably all the ingredients could be dumped into my Crock Pot and cook without my help for the next 7 hours.

We’ve already talked about my love of recipes from Taste of Home; aside from America’s Test Kitchen, I really do find the home cook recipes from TOH to be the most reliable out there.

Flipping through the February issue of Country Woman magazine, which is a sister publication to Taste of Home, there was a recipe for Gyro Soup which was a crock pot recipe that I had most of the ingredients to make on hand.


It’s delicious, guys; it has all the flavors of a gyro that I grew to love when eating at the Coney Islands back home but without the expensive airfare it would take to get there (and without my beloved, carb-y pita bread).

If you love gyros and soup you have to try this!

Gyro Soup (Taste of Home)

Prep Time; 25 minutes          Cook; 6 hours

Makes; 6 Servings


2lbs Ground Lamb (I’m sure beef would stand in in a pinch)

8 cups of water (the recipe says 5 but it wasn’t enough)

1 can (14.5 oz) diced tomatoes, undrained

(I added 3t beef Better than Bouillon for flavor)

1 medium onion, chopped

1/4 cup red wine

6 garlic cloves, minced

3T minced fresh mint or 1 T dried mint

1T dried marjoram

1T rosemary, crushed

2t salt

1/2t pepper

Optional toppings;

Plain Greek yogurt

Crumbled Feta cheese

Brown the lamb in a skillet and once it’s done throw it into the Crock Pot with all the other ingredients on low for 6-7 hours while all the flavors meld into gorgeousness.

We crumbled feta over ours and it was delish!

We’re finishing our leftovers tonight with homemade bread.

You can view the original version of the recipe here.

Thank you, Bridget Klusman, from Otsego, MI!!!!

What’s your favorite winter meal on a cold day?

Let me know in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

Until next time!

Love, The Chick and her Chickadee




Wednesday Recipe Corner; Pizza Pancakes! Whoop Whoop!

Ok, so originally this week’s recipe was going to be a fab one for dill pickle pasta salad- but then my fabulous Gigi gifted us with a giant Tupperware container full of homemade pasta salad she made and wanted to share, sooooo my pasta salad post is being moved to next week.

I’m on a quest of sorts to find food that the Chickadee will eat without saying “um, no, Mama- I done” after less than one bite- this is a huge struggle at the moment.

Yesterday, for example she ate some baked chicken and a handful of peanuts at lunch, some string cheese and not much else throughout the day; this is partially due to her having molars still coming in and also due to her massive milk consumption.

So in my recipe search (which is ongoing) I found a great sounding one for pizza pancakes in Taste of Home’s Simple & Delicious publication and decided to give it a shot in our pizza obsessed household.

I really like Taste of Home- I have yet to make anything I found in one of their issues that doesn’t come out perfect on the first go. I believe it’s the home cook element of this that makes that and the cost effectiveness of their recipes as foolproof and budget friendly as they are.

I make a lot of the recipes they publish so you can probably expect to see them popping up rather frequently going forward- along with some other staples I love, a few of which I came up with myself.

Taste of Home Pizza Pancakes

What you need;

bisquick-original pepperoni

Bell Pepper
Bell Pepper


Italian seasoning garlic-clove-and-powder

Kraft Mozzarella


So, I mixed up the pancake batter first; whisk together 2 cups Bisquick, 2 teaspoons Italian seasoning and 1 teaspoon of garlic powder* (a quick note- the recipe doesn’t call for garlic powder but it NEEDS IT; don’t skip it) until combined and lumps are broken up. Set aside.

In a separate bowl whisk together 2 large eggs and 1 cup of milk (I use 2% but any variety would work) until a little frothy.

Now, make a well in the middle of the dry ingredients and pour the egg and milk mixture in, stirring gently until just combined and then (and this is super important and true of any kind of pancake or muffin batter) let it rest for 20 minutes.

While your batter is resting (and rising) get your other ingredients ready to stir in; measure out your mozzarella, chop your pepperoni and your bell pepper (or whatever you want as a mix-in for your pizza pancakes) and seed and chop your tomato. Combine the ingredients in a bowl and put to the side until your batter is done getting it’s beauty nap.

When your timer goes off gently fold your ingredients into the batter and heat your pan to medium heat (although you may have to adjust the heat down as the pan gets and stays hot, I always do) and measure out with a 1/4 cup measure to make the pancakes.

For this amount of pancakes a half a jar of traditional Prego worked perfectly as the “syrup”- this can be heating while you’re flipping pancakes.

Full disclosure, I had a bit of trouble flipping the pancakes- there is a lot going on in there and it took some practice (and finesse) to get it without having them fold over on the edges or end up on the side of the pan. I managed it by the time I was done, BUT it took a second because it’s awkward so be patient with yourself. And use a big spatula.

Ok, this recipe (which I will post a link to on the Taste of Home website) was delicious; the pancakes are dense and cheesy and satisfied the desire for pizza. There is also lots of fixings left over so if I wanted to make them again soon (and I do!) I could easily do so.

My hubs felt like the toppings got lost in denseness of the cake and he thinks that next time it might be fun to sprinkle some mozzarella on the pancakes when they’re done and see how that changes things.

More cheese, you say?

I’m all for it.

Ultimately, in spite of the challenges in executing the recipe we definitely voted it in to the family recipe box. FTW!

Thank you, Taste of Home and recipe contributor Maxine Smith from Owanka, SD!

You can get the full recipe and it’s dimensions (and see pics of the finished product) here!

Did the Chickadee like them, you ask?

She barely tasted one and declared herself “done”.

Better luck next time, I suppose!

(If you’re wondering why there are no pics of the pancakes from my kitchen, well, there are a few reasons; the pics came out dark for one thing and another is that photos downloaded from my phone, when loaded and edited to be upright on the computer, are sideways on mobile devices. Until I’m able to rectify the issue you might be seeing a lot of stock photos and URL links instead.)

Until next time!


The Chick and her Chickadee